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Bitcoin and BlockChain. The Next Great Technology that will Change The World!

What's New in the World of Business Computing?

This is a question that we need to ask ourselves from time to time because the answer keeps on changing. Every great technology was new and unproven in its beginning. Some of these technologies have changed and will continue to change the world as we know it.

Welcome to our Informal Blog

This is where we plan to put a series of short articles about the technology we work with and lessons we learn. This is nothing formal. Just a place to share our thoughts with our customers. We do some really cool things from time to time and need to do a better job sharing this information.

Brian Krebs Book - Spam Nation


Brian Krebs is da Man!  I saw his book, Spam Nation, advertised on while drinking my morning coffee.  Spam Nation tells the true story of the recent history of SPAM, who the players are, and the organized crime organizations they run.  Brian started out as investigative reporter for the Washington Post and later went out on his own with his highly popular blog site

America only Internet! A Radical but Practical Idea for Blocking Foreign Hackers at the Router.

With all the problems of international hackers and security concerns that have hit the news headlines lately, I awoke from my sleep one night with a solution in my head that is just plain OBVIOUS, but nobody is doing it. It's a solution that will eliminate 99 percent of the Internet security problems for most small businesses. The solution: Configure a router's firewall so that it will allow traffic to and from Internet servers only within the United States. This is an extremely radical idea, but one that might make good sense.

Meaningful Use - Take two aspirin and call me after you read this Doctor!

Meaningful Use....  That is what I've been hearing about lately, especially since working on my HIPPA security project. I guess I've heard about Meaningful Use in the recent past, but not by name, and certainly did not pay it much attention. It seems to be a challenge that the people in the doctor and dentist offices that I work with are now scurrying around trying to satisfy. One day I sat down for a meal at a restaurant with someone who is very close to me, but shall not be named.

Help! Save Us from the Hackers

It seems like at every site I read these days, either news or technical, there is a new article about hackers or companies being hacked. This is a very real problem that leaves a lot of business owners wondering if their network will be next. After all, if big companies like Sony Pictures, and banks, and insurance companies are getting hacked, how can anyone protect their network?

CMI Now Lives in the Cloud

Rcently, we were looking for a new home for our web and mail servers.  After comparing all the options, it was decided to move our two physical Linux servers to a Cloud Server.  Our cloud server is an Ubuntu Linux Server on Amazon's EC2 Cloud Service.  If you send us an e-mail or view our web page, you are using our cloud server.