Useful Utility Program Download Page

This is not a typical download site.

The files/programs are the ones we most often use and recommend to our customers.  It is not meant to be another super download site.  For that you can go to



Remote Support TeamViewer

TeamViewer [Download TeamViewer] directly from

This is the program that we can use to remotely access WINDOWS on your computer.  We will ask you to run this program so we may be able to fix a problem immediately, rather than going to the time and expense of an on-site visit. You can choose the option to RUN the program rather than having it installed on your computer.


Free Programs we put on every Windows PC we set up.

The following are links to the actual software publisher's sites where you can download the programs directly.  This way you will be sure to get the latest version.


Avast Antivirus [Download Avast] directly from

This is the best AntiVirus Program around.  The free version is good, however we recommend the paid version which is even better.


Mozilla Firefox Web Browser [Download Mozilla] directly from

This is the web browser we use every day and prefer over Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client   [Download Thunderbird] directly from

If you are wanting to get away from Microsoft Outlook, or Outlook Express, then this is a great e-mail program


Glary Utilities   [Download Glary] directly from

This is one of the main programs we keep in our toolbox to clean up Windows computers.  The free version is good and the pro version is even better.  We typically use the free version along with the free version of CCleaner.


CCleaner [Download CCleaner] directly from http://

This is another of our favorite programs that we keep in our toolbox.  We have been using it since back in the days when it was really called "Crap Cleaner", which is a good description of what it does.  As with other freeware programs, the free version is good, but the paid version is even better.  We typically use the free version along with Glary Utilities.


Apache OpenOffice [Download OpenOffice] directly from

If you are tired of constantly paying out money to buy copy protected licenses for Microsoft Office, or being constantly forced into buying and installing updates that you don't want, need, or even like, then this the solution.  The "Open" part of their name stands form "Open Source", which basically, to you means FREE.  OpenOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office Word and Excel.  This is actually a more powerful and widely used program, worldwide, than MS.  If you start using this program, you will never purchase a copy of Microsoft Office again.  For those of us who remember a great word processing program called "Word Perfect", this OpenOffice is the afterlife derivative of Word Perfect.  Word Perfect was one of the many great software packages that was killed off by Microsoft, but now OpenOffice has come back to haunt them!


Foxit PDF File Reader [Download Foxit] directly from

This is the alternative to the extremely BLOATED Adobe Acrobat.  This is a great, fast & light PDF File (.PDF) format reader.  Their newest version supports free PDF Creation / PDF Conversion (A feature that other software companies like to charge lots of money for).  The other advantage to this is that it is a lot more secure.  Some programs still require Adobe Acrobat to read the PDF files they generate and you may have no choice but to install Acrobat, but whenever possible, you should use Foxit as your default PDF reader.


BullZip PDF File Printer [Download BullZip] directly from

PDF is the universally readable file format that you can send out and anyone can read.  It does not matter whether you have Windows, Linux, Apple, Tablet Device, or Smart Phone, they can all read PDF files.  BullZip installs and acts like a printer, except you are actually printing to a PDF file.  This used to be an expensive feature before Adobe's patent on creating PDF file expired.  Don't be a knucklehead and send out Microsoft Word documents or Excel spreadsheets and expect the recipient to have the exact same or newer version of the same program in order to read them.  Send a PDF file instead.


Malwarebytes [Download MalwareBytes] directly from

Anyone who uses a Windows computer to browse the Interent is going to get their computer loaded down with Malware.  Malware is simply a program that gets installed automatically, or with your implied permission, and tends to take over your computer causing targeted ads to appear on your computer, or even worse.  As with other freeware programs, the free version is good, but the paid version is even better.  We typically use the free version along with Avast Antivirus.


Our favorite download site is