System Maintenance

Premise Wiring

Premise Wiring

Premise Wiring can be something that is either trouble free, or an endless source of headache.  It all depends on how well your premise wiring is planned, installed, organized, and finished.  Investing in quality wire, connectors, and mounting will insure against future problems and make maintenance much easier. 

If you are building a new office, you want to get us involved in your wiring project as soon as possible, preferably in the initial design phase well before the walls go up.  Most electricians will do exactly what you tell them to do with no concern for design or how well the network system will turn out.  We are designers, implementors, and maintainers who hope to keep you as a satisfied customer on a maintenance plan for a long time supporting your mission critical operations.

We have access to the best available, commercial grade, wire, supplies, panels, and finish to do the job right.  Your customers will notice right away whether or not your wiring was installed professionally.

If the wiring in your office is a product of evolution and looks like a disorganized mess that nobody understands, we can help taim your jumble of wires and bring back a reasonable level of reliability.

Premise Wiring can include: Computer Network, Alarm System, Surveylance System, Telephone, Audio, and Video, Satalite, and Cable.  We do it all.  Not only do we do the wiring, but we also work with your service providers to make sure that their services are brought in and connected to your network.

Systems Maintenance Will Save you Money.

Our IT System Administration and Maintenance Plans are tailored to your budget and needs.  Computer systems require regular maintenance in order to continue running smoothly and with proper security.  Once we evaluate your system, we will estimate the number of hours needed to be spent on Proactive Maintenance, Administration, and IT Technical Support in order to keep your systems running smoothly and reliably.  This time can also be used for future planning, consulting, and improving your computer environment.  The more time you commit to buying on a quarterly basis, the more discount you receive on our base hourly rate of $150/hour.

Give us a call so that we may evaluate your entire computing environment. We will recommend a IT System Administration and Maintenance Program that will keep everything running smoothly and reliably.

Every customer is different.  You may have a complex computing environment in desperate need of rescue, or you may just need someone to stop in from time to time to maintain a well running system.  Our objective is to make your systems run smoothly and perform maintenance on them so they will be reliable and capable of running your mission critical operations.

Companies need someone who is familiar with their entire computing environment. Computer systems need Administration.

We provide guidance to help navigate your business through a sea of technology.  We can perform a management, decision making role as a member of your team.

Decisions need to be made, and right or wrong decisions can make or break a business.  Without consistant administration, your computer system will be adrift and eventually show the signs of neglect.  Your system needs someone to keep a watchful eye on changing technology and innovations in Windows, Linux, network security issues, as well as all the hardware and software in use.  Someone needs to make practical recommendations on how to utilize new technology to your best advantage.  Someone needs to be looking down the road at emerging technology and the future of your company.

Many companies no longer have the luxury of their own IT Departments to, or even dedicated, qualified, IT Personnel as a result of downsizing or recent economic hardship.  Your computing environment is unique and it is wasteful to have different technicians come in from time to time and try to fix or maintain a system they are not familiar with. By performing regular maintenance and IT Technical support, we build a level of familiarity that will allow us to diagnose problems and implement solutions much more quickly, thus saving you a lot of money over time.

We like to build long lasting relationships with our customers.

We always keep our customer's best interest in mind and earn trust over time.  We know our customers and they know us on a first name basis.  We are not shy about telling you how and where to spend money for equipment and upgrades if it is something you truly need.  We spend our customer's money carefully as if it were our own, making sure it is spent wisely, finding a balance between too cheap and too expensive.  Our goal is to save our customers much more money than we charge them.   We want you to feel that your relationship with us is a valuable and profitable one.  We want to be a member of your team.