Ethernet Switches

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While one end of an Ethernet cable plugs into your computer, printer, laptop, or other network device, the other end likely plugs into a Ethernet switch. Switches vary in speed and in the number of ports or devices that can plug into them. You can also get managed and unmanaged switches.

It is hard to believe that the device that works the hardest and has the most blinking lights is also the least appreciated, at least until it fails. Your Ethernet switch is critical to your network. Wired Ethernet devices simply won't work without it. A little consideration in buying the right switch can go a long way.

A few things to consider when buying a switch:

  • Plan for growth: Buy a switch that has two times the number of ports you actually need now.
  • Have a spare on hand: If a switch fails it can bring your business to a grinding halt until it is replaced. Having a backup switch in the rack and ready to go can make you a hero. You can't simply go to a store and buy a switch. Generally they have to be ordered.
  • Have your switches and routers on UPS power supplies. Switches and routers depend on good clean power so that your data will not be corrupted. Since they do not use much power, you can have several sharing a UPS.
  • Get the fastest switch you can afford. If you get 10GbE, you will grow into it.
  • Managed switches are OK, but not worth the extra money. Network management happens on a good router these days.


We offer and install the following Ethernet Switches: